deTension Muscle Relief Therapy

deTension Muscle Relief Therapy (dMRT) specializes in massage and therapeutic bodywork. Bringing our clients over 15 years of massage experience in clinical, therapeutic, and sports related massage therapy. We are not just your typical massage therapists, we focus on healing, injury prevention, and rehabilitation therapies. dMRT based in the DC/MD area located in the Bowie Town Center. Our goal is to bring awareness and education of the health benefits massage therapy provides.

Business Hours

3:30 PM - 8 PM
2 PM - 8 PM
3:30 PM - 8 PM
2 PM - 5 PM
11 AM - 4 PM

Cancellation Policy

We charge a 100% cancellation fee for any no-call/no-show and a 75% charge for same-day cancellation, unless it is within the 24 hr cancellation policy window. **Covid-19 Policy: If you are experiencing symptoms of fever, chills, cough, dizziness, or any other issues related to illness, please DO NOT BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT. If you are experiencing these issues after your appointment has been approved, PLEASE CANCEL AND RESCHEDULE! If you are experiencing sun burn, rash, open wounds, or breakouts of the skin, DO NOT BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT! Service will be denied or interrupted/ended if the massage therapist can identify any contraindications of massage! We reserve the right to deny service at will!